A Quietly Fabulous Role Model

Some argue New York is the center of the fashion industry, where designers come to breathe in the air of insanity, and bond with other artists.  Being a jewelry designer myself, I have begun to understand that where you are, and where you’ve been, shapes what you make, why you create, and your design aesthetic.  Lisa Salzer, a Long Island native like myself, is the perfect example of a talented, inspired, and inspiring, New York based designer. Her new collection for Lulu Frost showcases how you can blend all of your passions, experiences, your past, and your present, to form an avante-garde yet somehow effortless, and shockingly cohesive,  collection of art.

The collection was drawn from her recent trip out west, Native American history and fashion,  Mad Menand New York people-watching.  “I draw so much inspiration from NYC as you never know what you’re going to encounter around each corner and the summer is always a fantastic time to people watch.” she says.  This is my ode to Lisa Salzer and her “Modern Pioneer” collection.

Wipe your nose, Freddie.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of Christmas.  Probably because I want to get this disgusting semester over with, have winter break, and can drink unhealthy amounts of eggnog.  This notion got me thinking about how fortunate you are when you’re five and you can go see the Christmas Carol, get spoiled, and act like an annoying troll without any consequences.  Those were the days.

The thought of a Christmas Carol inspired me to do a zainy little photoshoot  with my new jewelry.  With help from photographer Matt Clark, and model Brittany Slaper, it came out pretty snazzy.