Without the Past, There Would Be No Present

An ode to new turning to old.

Ladies of Leisure 1940

Ladies of Leisure 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian, in Ancient Egypt

Walk Like an Egyptian, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Greedy Minds Think Alike.

Lately its been a mix of long nights and rainy days.  I think I’ve been stuck in a rut creativity-wise, feeling uninspired by my new surroundings.  I love Brooklyn and all the artsy, creative people (and pretend artsy creative people), but recently it has been feeling a little stark and cold to me.  I think I’ve been living in a dreamy fog that I’m slowly starting to get the fuck up from and snap out of.

My trip to Pittsburgh and the Mattress Factory has opened my eyes and cleared way to new pieces for Spring.  Who knew the land of ketchup could  smooth a path for my mind and art.

She’s got a cross around her neck that she ripped off from a schoolgirl in the subway on a visit to the city.

For as much time as I spend in Manhattan, I usually never get to see what the city truly is made of.  So the other night I decided to throw myself in the midst of Prince Street‘s designer boutiques and just walk, observe, and really take a look at what I was surrounded by.  Aside from the homeless people yelling paranoid words, the crazy woman fighting someone for a cab, and the normal city chaos, I saw the creativity that existed inside these tiny boutique storefronts that I never pay attention to on my mission to a bar, cafe, or class.  For the first time in a long time, I realized how lucky I was to be living in New York, and just how many talented designers are based in my backyard.

The sullen beery swine who try to tangle you in sullen beery balls of twine, have they ever seen two eyes so shiny?

Now for news on some other broad.

I have a great appreciation for other people making, loving, conceptualizing and creating awesome shit.  I attended an art show at Mass Transit Skate Shop in Valley Stream, NY this weekend and saw some lovely Long Island Talent.  Miss Jamie Schwartz’s vintage, handmade, jewelry collection- using turn of the century watch parts-“Through the Loupe” was featured…

and it’s kind of amazing.

For all you dirty skaters out there, buy some of Jamie and I’s pieces for your slutty (or not so slutty) girlpals…and some skate gear from Mass Transit for yourself.

Jewels and Gold.

My journey back into jewelry-making, artist-being, has proved to be an interesting one. I’ve almost passed out from the beautiful smell of records melting in my oven, blew a fuse in half of my house-which took all night to get back working, and continually got harassed by white trash vendors at the antique shows.  I also came pretty close to drilling a hole in my hand. Melting vinyl, playing with drills and listening to Johnny Cash makes me wonder what kind of weirdo I’ve become.