Summer Skin.

”¬†Oh glorious sun shines so bright,
on this longest day and shortest night.
Illuminating the world with its beacon of light,
dispelling all traces of darkness and fright.

Fire is the source that fuels and sustains our lives,
from the sun in the sky to the atomic nucleus inside.
Our body is of the earth and our spirit is of the sun,
for life to persist these forces must mix and become as one.

What fate would befall the human race,
if the sun suddenly disappeared without a trace?
A world engulfed in a perpetual night,
and freezing cold would be our plight.

What crops would grow without the sun,
when the winds cease to blow and the rains cease to run?
Our world as we know it could no longer exist,
only death and destruction would in time persist.

The surface of the earth would become devoid of all life,
save for the hardiest bacteria that can survive without water or light.
So let us honor the sun on this longest day of the year,
for without it we would lose everything we hold dear.”

In other words, let your skin get tanner, heart get happier, margaritas get bigger,

jewelry get lovelier, outfits gets tinier, and

Letz Dance !

(In these crazy shoes from the Crest Art Show)


A City In The Sea

“There open fanes and gaping graves
Yawn level with the luminous waves;
But not the riches there that lie
In each idol’s diamond eye-
Not the gaily-jewelled dead
Tempt the waters from their bed;
For no ripples curl, alas!
Along that wilderness of glass-
No swellings tell that winds may be
Upon some far-off happier sea-
No heavings hint that winds have been
On seas less hideously serene.”