The sullen beery swine who try to tangle you in sullen beery balls of twine, have they ever seen two eyes so shiny?

Now for news on some other broad.

I have a great appreciation for other people making, loving, conceptualizing and creating awesome shit.  I attended an art show at Mass Transit Skate Shop in Valley Stream, NY this weekend and saw some lovely Long Island Talent.  Miss Jamie Schwartz’s vintage, handmade, jewelry collection- using turn of the century watch parts-“Through the Loupe” was featured…

and it’s kind of amazing.

For all you dirty skaters out there, buy some of Jamie and I’s pieces for your slutty (or not so slutty) girlpals…and some skate gear from Mass Transit for yourself.

He ate my heart.

Reversible Necklace. Sterling Silver, Leather, Coral, Glass, Crystal.

I’ll be donating some fancy pieces @ the Give Life Event @ Fashion Institute of Technology to be raffled off November 8th (today)!  If you’re in the area, come and support  the NY Organ Donor Network and sign up to save a life.

tears OF HOPE. Vintage Chandelier Pendant (Faceted Glass), Marcasite Heart, Jet Crystal, and Leather.

Jewels and Gold.

My journey back into jewelry-making, artist-being, has proved to be an interesting one. I’ve almost passed out from the beautiful smell of records melting in my oven, blew a fuse in half of my house-which took all night to get back working, and continually got harassed by white trash vendors at the antique shows.  I also came pretty close to drilling a hole in my hand. Melting vinyl, playing with drills and listening to Johnny Cash makes me wonder what kind of weirdo I’ve become.